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  • Miki Somos

Real estate agent´s story! How to advertise as a real estate agent?

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Do you struggle with how to advertise as a real estate agent? Or how to do marketing for

real estate?

You are not alone. Even professionals with years of experience are always looking for unique

marketing ideas for realtors and new marketing tools for realtors.

Mark Neustaedter, who has been a licensed realtor for five years and is based in Calgary, is an expert at relationship-based selling: in his current cap year, he has already tripled his highest year of GCI, and doubled his previous high in transactions. But he remembers the struggles of getting his name known in the beginning.

“I had zero guidance on how to do your first 90 days in real estate,” he says.

“I should have been calling everyone I knew. So, now when I have new realtors who reach out to me, I tell them: ‘In your first month, make a list of every single person you know: your

chiropractor, your doctor, your cousin, your cousin’s wife. Tell them all what you are doing. Don’t be a secret agent in real estate.”

But once you’ve told everyone you know, then what? That’s when you need to start considering marketing ideas for realtors and weighing the different real estate marketing trends of 2021.

Mark remembers the turning point in his career as a realtor and the best piece of advice he got a year ago. He had gone for coffee with an acquaintance and asked about real estate agent advertising examples for a referral-based real estate business.

“He told me, ‘First thing you need to do is have a newsletter - literally this afternoon, you need to go line up a newsletter,’” Mark recalls.

And that’s exactly what Mark did: that afternoon, he took action to set up his real estate

newsletter with Real Infobox, which offers professional marketing tools for realtors including

real estate newsletters.

“I started adding people to that database and sending out that email newsletter,” says Mark.

From there, his referral base grew and his business boomed.

If you want real estate newsletter examples or new real estate marketing ideas for 2021, try

a free trial with Real Infobox and start building your contacts today. Read more about the real estate newsletter here.

You can watch the whole video with Mark here


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