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  • Miki Somos

Email Marketing Options for Real Estate Agents with Huge Database

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Customer engagement is considered the lifeblood of any business. After creating a huge database of existing and potential customers, the next step is to build and maintain a good relationship to keep them invested in your business. The real challenge especially for Real Estate Agents is how to keep in touch with their client base on a regular basis if they already have 5,000 or 10,000+ contacts.

Majority email marketing applications may screen the origin of the contacts, in fear of getting their server marked as spam. Also the cost does increase once you get to these numbers.

I have compiled some of the Email Marketing platforms and CRM software options available in the market today. Please note that the cost indicated for each product does not include content creation.

Here are 5 of the main email marketing platforms and their prices:

  • MailChimp - 5,000 $65/month & 10,000 $100/month

  • Get Response - 5,000 $49/month & 10,000 $165/month

  • Constant Contact - 2,500 $60/month & $10,000 $115 /month

  • Emma - 10,000 $89/month & 25,000 $369/month

  • AWeber - 5,000 $69/month & 10,000 $149/month

CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) also provide mass email or bulk messaging service, however they are not designed for sending 5,000 emails and above. Here are 4 of Real Estate CRMs available today, their price and email sending limits:

  • Contactually - $39 to 199/month - 50 -1000 emails/day

  • Top Producer - $40/month - 1,000 emails/day

  • Prospects - $29.92/month - 100 emails/day

  • Realty Juggler - $99/yr - 2,000 emails/month

At Real Info Box, our clients’ average contact list ranges from 100 to 300 subscribers. Our services include the “Done for You” E-newsletter as well as sending it automatically to your contacts. To learn more, read these pages:

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