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Newsletter Vs. Direct Mail: Which One Is Better?

Connecting and communicating with your network by written correspondence has always been a key marketing component. Traditionally, that meant sending direct mail - letters, flyers, brochures or other content to someone’s home. Now, in the digital era, emails and e-newsletters are more common.

But if we compare the two, which one is better - newsletters or direct mail? It really depends on your goals and purpose. In real estate marketing, there is definitely room for both.

Advantages and disadvantages

When it comes to real estate email marketing, there are a few big advantages. Nearly everyone in this day and age has an email address and people are much more likely to share that information with you than their home mailing address. This means your database of email contacts is likely to be much higher - so you can reach far more people. It’s also much more cost effective because you can reach your entire mailing list with just a single click of a button, instantaneously and without the postage fees. And, thanks to digital analytics, you can see in real time how well your emails are doing by tracking metrics like open rates and conversion rates.

On the other hand, there are some advantages to real estate direct mail. The main difference is in customer response rates. According to Modern Postcard, a 190% increase in response rates has been reported for direct mail marketing campaigns. In large part, that’s because of how personalized direct mail seems to the receiver. They can TELL you’ve made a big effort to communicate with them when you send a real estate direct mail letter or real estate direct mail postcard. It’s also a great way to break across all the noise of email. How many emails do you receive every day compared to pieces of mail? But, on the flipside, direct mail does come with some additional costs compared to email marketing.

Essentials of Successful Correspondence

Whether you are sending a real estate email newsletter or a piece of real estate direct mail, the basic elements that make either successful are the same. You need to provide value. People will read and appreciate your correspondence when it gives them something they don’t otherwise have in their lives - information, insight or advice. As a real estate agent, you have plenty of value to share with your network!

But, of course, writing a real estate newsletter or real estate direct mail letter takes time. That’s why using a service like Real Infobox is the perfect solution. We create original content for you that is specific to your needs and your branding. No need to stress about finding the right topic or message to write about every month. We do the work for you so you can focus on what you do best for your clients. And the best part? You can use this custom-made content for both email marketing and direct mail marketing!

Try out Real Infobox today with a free trial, no strings attached

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