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  • Miki Somos

3 Ways To Do Brand Marketing As A Real Estate Agent in 2021!

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Are you in the real estate business and want to know how to advertise as a real estate agent? Do you need unique marketing ideas for realtors or real estate agent advertising examples? You’ve come to the right place!

Here are some of the top real estate marketing trends of 2021:

1. Set Yourself Up On Social Media

This is a cheap marketing idea for realtors and, really in this day and age, a must for all real estate agents. Make sure your accounts are up-to-date across all the major social networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Make yourself easy to find and easy to contact. Don´t forget to add social sharing to your property pages, as it is a great real estate marketing idea in 2021.

2. Take Great Photos And Video

Beautiful visuals can help drive sales and bad photos will diminish interest in even the best properties. Hire a professional if you need to or try it out yourself with the right lighting, equipment and editing technology. Creating a virtual tour with some videography can help your clients save time and give them an accurate preview of the property. And don’t forget to promote these visuals on your social media and website!

3. Real Estate Marketing Newsletter

A regular newsletter is the most effective marketing tool for realtors and one of the best ways to do marketing for real estate. With frequent thoughtful contact, you provide value and insights to your network while staying top of mind among your clients. If you’ve been looking for marketing ideas for realtors, try the Real Infobox real estate newsletter today. We’ll help you highlight your professional expertise and draw in referrals.

Sign up for a demo account and test out the top real estate marketing trend of 2021 for free, no strings attached.


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