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  • Miki Somos

There is a 70 Percent Chance You’ve Been Forgotten

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Spring & Summer are the most productive periods in the real estate season. Once summer ends and the kids go back to school, we see the market slow down.

What if I told you that you could continue to take advantage of the summer momentum and carry it through the fall and winter? You and I both know the importance of putting in the time now so your results will show later. What you do NOW will determine how well you do 2-3 months later.

The fastest way to boost your business is to tap into your network. Often over looked, your sphere or past and present clients are your most valuable asset as a real estate agent.

Your friends, family, past clients and their acquaintances would gladly work with you and send you referrals time and time again. What is the best way to go about this? Keep reading to find out. Many agents spend the majority of their time and energy to acquire new clients. Did you know it costs five times as much time to attract a new customer than it does to recieve business from a previous client or referral?

The first rule of any business is to retain your customers and build a loyal relationship with them for repeat business and ongoing referrals.

It only takes 10 months for clients to forget their realtors name. There is a 70 Percent Chance You’ve Been Forgotten. Most clients switch real estate agents, not due to dissatisfaction, but because they feel neglected or forgotten.

Think about how many listings and buyers you lost because you haven’t stayed in touch with your client network?

On average each of your contacts will move 3 to 5 times over your real estate career. With an average commission of $7000 times 3, your Life Time Value of each contact is $21,000 to $35,000!

Consider 100 solid contacts in your database. These clients could potentially bring you between $2.1 to $3.5 million dollars over your career. Only if you stay in touch! Try free real estate newsletter in our demo trial.

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