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  • Miki Somos

Keep your BLOG relevant

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

A blog can be a valuable tool for nurturing brand awareness, building trust, and inspiring Client's loyalty. It will help you earn a reputation as an expert in the Real Estate field. However, simply having a blog isn’t enough. A good blog isn’t just relevant to its industry, it’s also relevant to its audience. Creating a blog with relevance gives readers a reason to continue returning to your blog and helps develop relationships with potential and existing Clients. It creates opportunities for sharing as every time you blog, you create an opportunity for your audience to share your blog with others through linking to your blog post, tweeting it, or emailing it to others, it’s free promotion and it further endorses you as a credible Realtor. Keeping your blog relevant and a useful resource for community specific information in the areas you serve can produce actual business for you that translates into selling those listings.

As for the actual content of your blog? Check out our real estate market data visualization, you might find it's useful for your clients.

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