Just as a newspaper has different sections for its content of varying subjects, our newsletter has all of the sections that you need to engage and connect with your network. Our newsletter are divided into two content categories: Customizable and Monthly Updated. We have the areas color coded to help you identify the content categories.


Updated every month.



Customizable / Static Content

These sections are designed during your set up process and remain the same each month. We modify these areas according to your own specifications. You can integrate your own branding to ensure your contacts remember you.

Monthly Updated Content

These sections are updated every month. We research, design and write these sections and insert them into your customized newsletter. These sections are included in your subscriptions. We are able to add and create custom content just for your newsletter such as inputting your listings and updating testimonials. However, this service is subject to additional charge.

Customized Banner

Each newsletter is customized with your branding. The top banner will be designed using your photo, logo and company colors or your personalized custom branding. We also link this section directly to your website.

Personal Greeting

This greeting gives the reader a quick overview of what to expect in your newsletter and gently reminds them to keep you in mind when they or their friends and family are in need of real estate assistance.

Action Button: Search for your Perfect Property

With one click of a button, your readers can be taken from your e-newsletter to your website to immediately begin searching for properties and contact you.

Local Market Statistics

Real estate changes at a rapid pace. Your newsletter must be able to do the same to effectively work for you. Our newsletter includes a summary of the monthly changes in your market. All these in an easy to follow Infographic style, to feature you as trusted local real estate professional.

Action Button: Download Market Reports

With a click of a button, your readers will be taken from your e-newsletter to a downloadable 8 1/2 X 11 PDF Version of the Monthly Local Market Reports.

Action Button: See My Listings

Static images placed in this section will be linked directly to your My Listings section on your website.

Action Button: See What your Home is Worth

With a click of a button, your readers can be taken from your e-newsletter to your specific website section for home evaluation.

Content that Creates a Connection

Your newsletter includes articles & graphics written and created  by professional writers and designers, keeping your network educated and engaged. There is no better way to earn repeat clients than to continually provide relevant information before, during, and after their transactions with you.

Photo Gallery Feature

Photo feature of new and innovative home improvements, storage ideas, and other interesting home related concepts.

Social Media Features

Your newsletter will have links to your Facebook business page, Twitter account and to any other social media of your choosing.

Share your Campaign on Social Media

The social media section will allow people to easily forward the campaign to a friend or share it on Linked In, Twitter and Facebook.

Customized Banner 


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